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Rize has the cleanest air of our country, has a historical background with its ancient history and has a unique geography with its natural beauties, which stands out with its culture and sincere people. In addition, it is the capital of rain and rain, which is the indispensable drink of conversations and meetings, suitable for every taste. In recent years, Rize has come to the fore with plateau tourism. Rize is one of the rare places where all the beauties of our country are filled with beauties.  

Rize, which has a suitable structure for both summer and winter tourism, has become one of the centers visited frequently by local and foreign tourists. After eating “roasted of Rize” which is a gastromic flavor; those who drink the “Rize tea”, which is the confidant, the troubled and the joyful partner/friend of everyone, return with unforgettable memories from Rize.   We have planned a few short-day trips to our valuable scientists and students, who we invite for the congress, as a drop of water from the sea, to leave a memory of Rize that they will never forget.
1. Route: From Rize City Center: Çamlıhemşin, Ayder Plateau, Galler Flatland, Kavrun Plateau

2. Route: Rize Center: Rize Castle, Agricultural Botanical Garden, Dağbaşı Hill (as observation terrace), Qibla Mountain

3. Route: From Rize City Center: Çamlıhemşin, Şenyurt Village, Zilkale Castle, Palovit Waterfall, Ayder Plateau

4. Route: From Rize City Center: Sarp Border Gate, Daylight Road, Gonio, Ajara History & Ethnography Museum, Botanic Park, Port of Batumi

(Depending on the weather and the opportunity to reach the plateau, this route may be changed.)