Writing Rules

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Dear Scientists; 

The following are the rules of writing for the preparation of papers. Papers to be uploaded to the system should be written according to the rules below. Papers prepared without considering the following rules shall be returned by the editors in order to correct the deficiencies. We would like you to submit your papers to the system in accordance with the rules stated below in order to avoid any problems before the submission deadline. 

In addition, it was decided that participants would be able to present a number of papers in order to ensure the participation of many academicians in this congress. According to this, a participant may participate with a maximum of 2 papers and make a presentation with a maximum of 2 papers. The same rules will be valid in multi-author papers. Accepted paper can be presented by either its own author or one of its authors.

Papers which is not comply with the writing rules below will be rejected.

Writing Rules:

Language, Lenght, Writing Schedule And Page Design Of Proceeding

Abstracts should be submitted according to the writing rules below and sent via “Submission” link by March 15, 2019. Abstracts will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee. Evaluation results will be informed via e-mail to all authors.

For any questions regarding the congress, you can request information from the following address: adaletkongresi2019@erdogan.edu.tr

For Template

  • All papers must be written in Microsoft Office Word (doc or docx) format
  • Papers can be written Turkish or English.
  • The font should be Times New Roman 12pt.
  • The abstract title should be written in bold and the English translation should be written in the same way.( If the paper written in English, firstly English title and then the Turkish title should be written.)
  • The names and surnames of the authors should be written clearly and the first letters should be in italics. The name of the author who will make a presentation at the congress should be underlined. Footnotes should be given to the institution and e-mail address of the authors. Footnotes should be written in Times New Roman 10pt.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 500 words. (Please do not include title, author names and institutions).
  • Abstracts should be written on the two sides of the page.
  • At least 3 keywords should be written after the abstracts. Keywords should be written in Turkish and English.
  • Single line spacing should be used.
  • In abstracts, the aim of the paper and the methods used should be briefly mentioned. The results should be summarized with sufficient details and the results should be explained utilising the findings.
  • Abstract should be written using purpose, method, findings and result parts.
  • Microsoft word format must be used when the abstract file is named.

1) name

2) line (-)

3) last name

4) line (-)

Example: david-mendez-criminallaw.docx

If more than one abstract will be sent, each paper will be numbered separately.

Example: david-mendez-criminallaw(1).docx and david-mendez-criminallaw(2).docx


References should be written in 10 pt. at the end of the paper. The references should be started from the next page of the paper and it should be listed in alphabetically. When referring to more than one work of the same author, the publication date should start from the previous one. APA 6 and MLA 7 templates can be used as references.

(1) You can visit the following links for MLA rules:



(2) You can visit the following links for APA rules: